An important notice for customers using Pedaling Monitor Sensor SGY-PM910H

July 30, 2014

Regarding the Measurement of Power in Pioneer Pedaling Monitors

The Pioneer Pedaling Monitor measures power by detecting minute deformations of the crank caused by the force applied by the rider.
Due to differences in how these measurements are made between different types of power meters, small differences in the measured value of power may be observed when comparing different power meters.
Also, the manner in which power is applied to the pedals (pedaling style) can also cause minor differences in measured power values.

Cycle Computer Firmware Update

The CycloComputer (SGX-CA500/CA900) calculates the Power Values based on the Force Values transmitted from the SGY-PM910H Sensors. We have implemented a change to the parameters used in this calculation to make the calculated Power Values better reflect the actual power applied to the crank by the rider. As a result of this change, Power Values may be up to 3% lower than previously measured.
We have also implemented new functionality that allows adjustment of the parameters used in this calculation to give the user greater control over the accuracy of their Power Values. (Force Vectors and Efficiency Values will be unchanged.)

・Please check here for SGX-CA500.
・Please check here for SGX-CA900.

Implementation Plan

Recalculation of Ride Data stored in Cyclo-Sphere is planned to become possible at the end of August.
In order to preserve the consistency of your Ride Data, please recalculate your old Ride Data once the Cyclo-Sphere software has been updated.

Further, the ability to adjust the parameters used to calculate Power Values will be made available through an update of the CycloComputer Firmware (SGX-CA500/CA900) planned for the end of August.

Also, for those users who use the SGY-PM910H Sensors with a Cycle Computer other than the SGX-CA500/CA900 CycloComputer, an update of the sensor software to implement the new parameters will be made available. The timing of this update has yet to be decided.
Stored Data in databases other than Cyclo-Sphere can be recalculated using the new parameters by uploading it to Cyclo-Sphere once the Cyclo-Sphere software has been updated.