Additional Data Items for display in Data Fields

September 16, 2015

・The following metrics are added to the Data Fields.

・Normalized Power™ (NP™)
・Intensity Factor™ (IF™)
・Training Stress Score™ (TSS™)

NP, IF, and TSS are trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and are used with the permission. Learn more at

Data fields type Data Category Data Type Display Type
Numerical Power Training TSS™
NP™ WO Watt
NP™ Lap Watt
NP™ LastLap Watt

To display IF and TSS correctly, the user needs to input his(her) own FTP in his(her) SGX-CA500.
The value of FTP in SGX-CA500 does not copy automatically to the value of FTP set in the Cyclo-Sphere.

The FTP can be set at the Rider Edit menu.
[Menu Button] - [Settings] – [Rider Edit] – [FTP]