Parameters synchronization function with the Cyclo-Sphere

June 7, 2016

Between the Cyclo-Sphere and the SGX-CA500, following parameters are synchronized.


- Following Parameters can be download from the Cyclo-Sphere.

・MMP(1min, 3min, 5min, 10min, 20min)

To synchronize the parameters, please perform the following operation.

[Menu] button > [option] > [Wi-Fi connect] > [Parameter Sync]

screen shot
[Sync Parameters]button Manual parameters synchronization with the Cyclo-Sphere.
[Auto Sync」check box To synchronize parameters automatically with the cyclo-sphere, please tick this checkbox.


・To use the synchronization function, you need a connection via Wi-Fi.

・To use the synchronization function, you need to input the cyclo-sphere Account on SGX-CA500.

・At the time of synchronization, the latest value of FTP, Weight, and MMP are stored to the SGX-CA500.
 You can see the history of past numbers in the Cyclo-Sphere PC site.

・The value that you entered to SGX-CA500 which has updated to Ver 20160607.02.50 or later, will be synchronized to the Cyclo-Sphere.
 The parameter registered date in the Cyclo-Sphere is the date you entered in the SGX-CA500.

・When you run the Threshold Training of FTP (20min) or FTP (60min) and select the results of the "update"、at the time of next synchronization with Cyclo-Sphere will be reflected in the FTP of Cyclo-Sphere.

- Please see here for more details.

・The target power of the Threshold Training are the most recent three months MMP which are calculated in the Cyclo-Sphere.

・You can see the MMP value with the following operation.

[Menu] button > [Setting] > [Rider Edit] > [MMP]