Regarding the Display of Shimano Di2 Electrical Gear Shifting System Information

December 10, 2014


Gear Shifting Information is displayed on the cyclocomputer.

Gear Shifting Information is stored in the Log File and can be used in the Cyclo-Sphere Web Based Analysis Service.

About the Di2 System

Implemented Di2 Systems




Required Additional DI2 Parts

・Wireless Transmitter Unit


・E-tube Cable


Required Software Version for DI2 Master Unit


DI2 Master Unit(SM-BMR1、SM-BMR2、SM-BTR2) requires that the software be of version 2.3.0 or above in order to control the Wireless Transmitter Unit. If necessary, please update the software version to 2.30 or above.

・Checking the software version

Download the E-tube ProjectApplication from the site given below. This can be used to check and update the system software version.
An SM-PCE1 or SM-BCR2 is necessary to connect the DI2 to your PC. Please consult your dealer for instructions on how to check and update the system software.

CA500 Operation

Method of Connection

Change gears to activate the DI2 system.
From the [Sensor] menu, select [Connect New Sensor] to enter the new sensor connection menu.
Select the device type [Shimano Di2] and press [Search]. Connection should complete very quickly.

Setting Gear Information

Gear information can be set for each bike.
By setting this information, precise gear rations can be shown on the CycloComputer.
The menu for setting this is found as follows;

[Setting] - [Bike Setting] - [Select Bike] - [Gears]

[Model]:Select an 11 speed or 10 speed gear system.

[Chain Ring]:Select the [Outer], then [Inner], Chain Rings.

If the correct number of teeth is not available, it can be set instead from the Gear Details.

[Sprocket]:Select the [Top] and then the [Low] gears.

[Gear Details] allows examination of the sprocket arrangement. Also, if a sprocket used does not match one of the preset arrangements the number of teeth can be set directly.

Display Method

・Graphic Display

From the [Data Field Type] menu, select [Gear Graph].
The [Display Type] can be selected from [Front/Rear], [Front], and [Rear].

graph 01graph 02graph 03

There is a limit to the types of Data Field that can be shown as [Graph].

Please refer to the User's Guide,

Application > CycloMeter > Layout Pattern List > Layout Pattern Data Fields (Page33)

・Numerical Display

In the [Data Field] menu, select [Di2].
In [Data Category], select from [Front/Rear], [Front], and [Rear], [Gear Ratio], and [Battery].
If any of [Front/Rear], [Front], [Rear] is selected, the [Display Type] can be chosen from [Gear Position] and [Gear Teeth Count].

value 01value 02value 03value 04value 05