Operation and Setting of the Pedal Copy Function

June 23, 2015


The "Pedal Copy" function has been added, which allows the data gathered from a single left or right sensor to be copied and used as the data for both sides for logging and display.

About the Pedal Copy Function

The value can be copied from the left side to the right, or vice versa.
A value for balance can be set for each bicycle to allow log data to reflect the rider's assumed balance value.

SGX-CA500 and SGX-CA900 Operation


From the [Option] Menu, select [Pedaling Settings] - [Pedaling Copy], and a Pedaling Copy Menu is shown.

Pedal Copy Setting

[Disable]:does not copy data
[Copy L to R]:Copies Left Pedaling Monitor Value to Right side
[Copy R to L]:Copies Right Pedaling Monitor Value to Left side

Pedaling Copy 2
Balance Setting

Allows setting of Left/Right Balance from 0%/100% to 100%/0%.
50%/50% setting gives same value on both sides.