Firmware Update of SGX-CA900

If your SGX-CA900 no longer operates normally;

If the USB connection was interrupted, or the PC power turned off during a firmware update, please use the procedure below to restart the CycloComputer in Update Mode and update the firmware.

Use the following procedure to start up the CycloComputer in Update Mode.

Start up the CycloComputer in Update Mode

  1. If USB is connected, first disconnect the USP connector.
  2. If the CycloComputer is on, turn it off by a long press of the START/STOP button.
  3. Press the LAP button for ten seconds.
  4. Confirm that the CycloComputer screen is illuminated all in white.
  5. Connect the CycloComputer to the PC via USB.

If the screen is flashing, then the battery level is insufficient. Please charge sufficiently before continuing.

Repeat the Firmware Update procedure.

Firmware Update Operation;

After confirming that the CycloComputer has started up in Update Mode, follow the instructions in the SGX-CA900 Firmware Manual from the "Update the Firmware of the SGX-CA900" section "Pioneer Cycle Cloud Connect Operation". By following these instructions, the firmware can be updated successfully.

・The update procedure using Windows is here.

・The update procedure using Mac is here.