Regarding the firmware update of the SGX-CA500

August 3, 2016

In order to ensure you receive the most accurate and enjoyable experience from your SGX-CA500 Cyclocomputer, please confirm the content of the changes and update your Cyclocomputer to the latest version of the Firmware.

Main improvements

・Training Assist Feature

– When you start a Training Assist Module, the SGX-CA500 will automatically change to a recommended page layout for that specific module.
– The recommended page layout will automatically change when you push "Start Training".
– You can change the recommended page layout to other related pages from the touchscreen. The recommended and related data fields are not editable.
– After the Training Assist Module is complete, the recommended page layout will automatically change back to the users previous page set.
– If this feature is not desired, uncheck it from the menu at [Training]-[Training Assist]-[ Auto Page Transition].

・Alert Feature

– Programmed audible and on-screen alerts can be set when power, heart rate and cadence reach an indicated value.
– Alerts can be programmed by checking the desired boxes from the menu at [Training]-[Alerts].
– You can set the highest and lowest values with available/unavailable indicators, when you tap the alert name.
– You can set the alert screen message and sound on/off at [Training]-[Alerts]-[Alert settings]
– The Alert feature works during logging.
– When power or more than 2 of heart rate and cadence reach their highest or lowest value, one alert will follow.
・The alert priority order is power, then heart rate and then cadence.
– This feature is not available for Threshold Training or Interval Timer.

・Real Time Interval Intensity Metric Updated

– Displays training strength in real time based on 3 month MMP results.
– 60min. parameter changed from MMP 60min. to FTP value.
– Real Time Interval Intensity can be displayed without best 3 month 60min data.
– You can manually set your FTP value in [Setting]-[ Rider Edit]-[FTP].
– Cyclo-Sphere FTP update via Wi-Fi
You can synchronize the FTP value you set on Cyclo-Sphere at [Option]-[Wi-Fi Connect].

・Training Stress Score (TSS™)

- Improvement of Training Stress Score (TSS™) calculation.

TSS is a trademark of TrainingPeaks, LLC and is used with the permission. Learn more at

Update method

Use the update procedure below to update your firmware.
The update procedure using Wi-Fi is here
The update procedure using Cloud Connect (Windows) is here
The update procedure using Cloud Connect (Mac) is here
The firmware update requires from 20 to 30 minutes in a high speed Internet environment.

Version of firmware after update

Version of firmware : 20160803.02.53
You can check the version of your firmware as described below.
Confirmation procedure : [Settings] - [System] - [Firmware Version]


・Confirm that there is enough power remaining in the Cyclocomputer's batteries.
・Do the update in an environment that has a stable internet connection, that is not subject to interruptions.

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