Regarding the update of the SGX-CA500/900 Cyclocomputer

July 18, 2018

In order to use the SGX-CA500/900 in a more enjoyable way, please confirm the content below and update your Cyclocomputer's firmware.

The newest Version of firmware

SGX-CA500 Version of firmware:20180531.02.59
SGX-CA900 Version of firmware:20150618.01

To check the Firmware version

・SGX-CA500:[Settings] - [System] - [Firmware Version]
・SGX-CA900:[Settings] - [System] - [Firmware Version]

Update method

Use the update procedure below to update your firmware.
If the Cyclocomputer is currently logging data, turn off logging and save the log data before proceeding.
SGX-CA500 only
The update procedure using Wi-fi is here
SGX-CA500 & SGX-CA900
The update procedure using Cloud Connect (Windows) is here
The update procedure using Cloud Connect (Mac) is here
The firmware update requires from 20 to 30 minutes in a high speed Internet environment.


・Confirm that there is enough power remaining in the Cyclocomputer's batteries.
・Do the update in an environment that has a stable internet connection, that is not subject to interruptions.

・If an error occurs during update and the SGX-CA900 Cyclocomputer no longer operates normally, please refer to this page.

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